About Gold Star

Jewelry has been one of the mankind's most revered substances since the beginning of time. Gold Star is a Diamond Trade business established in 1962. Gold Star Diamonds Pvt. Ltd. is part of an exclusive, elite group of diamond companies in the world. We provide conflict free diamonds and adhere to fair trade practices. Gold Star is a vertically integrated company providing end-to-end business solutions to our clients. Gold Star is well poised to deliver quality products on time, every time. Gold Star adds value at each step of the diamond pipeline through innovation, quality & customer focus, creating a trustworthy environment which brings success to all stakeholders involved in the process. Gold Star Diamonds offers consistency and reliability in supply, effective marketing support, assurance in the authenticity and integrity of the diamonds. We deal only in Natural diamonds in every shape, size, color both as individual stones and in bulk. Through our network of offices across the globe, we maintain close relationships with our clients offering innovative tailor- made products. We specialize in special cut diamonds besides the extensive goods. Gold Star has five state-of-the-art business units and offices in various cities across the world, with a workforce of over 1500 people and a production capacity of over 1.25 million pieces a year.
  • Innovation: Pioneers in technologies & new concepts whether products, diamonds, metal, manufacturing or human resources.
  • Quality: Providing the quality that ensures customer delight.
  • Customer focus: Products for the customer, by customer’s specifications, & of customer’s requirements.
  • Trust-Worthy: Creating a business environment of utmost trust among all levels and functions
  • Work Force: The Gold Star employees attributes their hardihood towards the processes which we have incorporated in the organization, their skills to simplify the processes and result oriented approach towards their work has adorned the standards of our work culture.
Gold Star is proud of its long history of the community and charitable involvement. Founder, Mr. Satish Shah, made public service a priority to match his vision of providing customers with quality merchandise. Recognizing exemplary leadership and voluntarism that enhance the life of fellow citizens, is an important part of the Gold Star corporate culture.

The concept of the “Gold Star Corporate Culture" is executed by a strong leadership team – Vice Chairman Alkesh Shah, Managing Director Ashish Shah and key leaders of all other departments and divisions. Together they have provided consistent leadership across the corporation, driving to one common culture. Together they are creating a unique customer-centric culture, with Gold Star’s best traits.
  • Integrity: When challenged with tough business decisions, Gold Star does not tolerate anything but the highest levels of integrity, for themselves and for all those around them.
  • Customer-centric management: A lean, results-oriented culture that puts customers first. Managers are expected to spend at least 50% of their time with customers, or customer-facing employees.
  • Global Operations: Gold Star people are all part of a global company that operates in different countries, respecting diversity, but sharing common values and vision.
  • Metrics & Vision: Gold Star has a set of metrics by which business performance is measured. This becomes part of the incentive plan, which ties back to the vision of the business.
  • Quality Policy: Right from the first time, every time - in all aspects of the business.

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