Gold Star believes in being a responsible corporate citizen. It supports a school for 2000 children, a hostel for needy women Plus a maternity hospital for the underprivileged. It contributes to several foundations for earthquake relief, children’s charities and missionary work.
  • Committee members Seepz Jewellery Associations.
  • Worked as Treasurer for Bharat Diamond Bourse.
  • Training modules developed for blue & white collared employees.
  • Compliance to Business Excellence Model of Rio Tinto
  • All our manufacturing units comply with international/global factory evaluation standards
  • Recently audited unit by Sedex
★ Built and currently sponsoring the School at Malan Palanpur with 1600 children.
★ Sponsoring all the facilities for two Ladies Hospital, community hall, sports complex, Electrification & crematorium in Gujarat State.
★ Donations to orthopedic ward at Mahavir Hospital Surat & Hospitals at Mehasana & at Satlasana and many donations on a regular basis to numerous NGOs.
★ Active Trustee of
⇒ Hospital at Satlasana
⇒ Banaskatha Dharmashala Palitana.
⇒ Metrana Tirth & Many other Institutions.
★ Treasurer of Ratilal Tribhuandas Jain Boarding for Girls at Palanpur.
★ Sponsors educational facilities at Gyan Mandir School at Pardi, Ahmedabad.
★ Contributions towards Welfare of Jain and Hindu Temples at Surat, Ider, Malan and Lonavala.
★ Upasharya Halls for Sadhu Maharaj & Sadhviji Maharaj at various locations of Gujarat.
★ Gyan Mandir at Pardi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
★ Beautification through plantation in the Seepz SEZ (Special Economic Zone)
★ Maintenance of Traffic Islands.
★ Sponsorship to the different Industry Institutions like IIJG etc.
★ Financial support to the needy employees
★ Blood Donation Camps
★ Training programs on Personality development & Carrier Counseling for financially week students with the help of HOPE foundation
★ Membership of Industry associations.
★ Sponsorship to the different Industry related Institutions like IIGJ, etc.
★ Conduct English Speaking Courses and Computer classes for workers with the support of HOPE foundation.
★ Employment to physically challenged people in the organization.
★ Mr. Satish Shah is President, Trustee and Treasurer of many organizations serving for the welfare of Society and Community in Gujarat
■ Jambudip, Palitana.
■ Malan Kelwani Mandal, Malan.
■ Mahavir Jain religious trust, Surat
■ Hospital at Satlasana
■ Banaskatha Dharmashala, Palitana..
■ Metrana Tirth at Malan
■ Ratilal Tribhuandas Jain Boarding for Girls at Palanpur.
★ Financial support to the needy employees and others during natural calamities.
★ Providing the financial support to the hospitals in rural areas in the Gujarat State.
★ Support to various religious functions/ functionaries.
★ Blood donation camps conducted in various regions and sponsored camps for AIDS awareness programs.