Management Team

Satish Shah

Satish Shah

For a dream to become a reality, you need a visionary who not only sees the end goal but also knows the path to it. This is exactly the role Satish Shah has played in Gold Star since its inception. His ability to understand the market and change it for the better has made him a pioneer in the diamond business. This also resulted in him being referred to as the ‘Churchill’ of the Indian Diamond World. Today Gold Star continues to make new strides under his able supervision and guidance.
Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah

They say perfection lies in the details and when you have a leader who has a keen eye for details, you company can aspire to reach for perfection. This is exactly what Sanjay Shah brings to the table at Gold Star. Constantly innovating, Sanjay has been at the fore front of advancing the Gold Star with patents that are now proprietary cuts of Gold Star.
Alkesh Shah

Alkesh Shah

Vice Chairman
Mr. Alkesh Shah, coming from the family of diamantaires, started his career in New York; with his astute mindset and ability to build a team of leaders, he has been able to make his dream unfold into fruition by creating the top Jewelry manufacturing company of the country.

Mr. Alkesh Shah has a vision to elevate the world standard for jewelry that aims to provide top-tier service for the company’s customers.

Key Management Clan

Ashish Shah

Ashish Shah

Managing Director
Starting as a diamond sorter, Ashish Shah has risen through the ranks to become the Managing Director. This has enabled him to understand the nuances of the complete business right from the grass roots, i.e. the production stage. He is responsible for the key processes of manufacturing, distribution, and international sales and is the driving force behind building a diverse work force at Gold Star.
Vikram Advan

Vikram Advani

Product Development and Customer Management   Key Skills  
Vikram has a thorough understanding of the European Market and as such is the responsible for the growth, sustenance and credibility of the brand in that market. With his hands on experience, Vikram has a 360 degree outlook and working, which extends from understanding the pulse of the customer to the final product created for the customer.   Business Mantra   "Patience and consistency is the key to achieving success"
Srinivas Gopisetty

Satish S. Hegde

Production Head   Key Skills  
Technically sound, implementing innovated process technics, adaptation of new technology with semi / automation machinery, process controlling through intelligent electronic process mapping system, introducing mechanical processing product lines, approaching to transform manufacturing processes to modern techniques.   Business Mantra   " Survivors will be the winners "
Saumya Badgayan

Dr. Saumya Badgayan (Ph.D)

Vice President - Corporate Strategy HR & IR   Key Skills  
Saumya plays a key role at Gold Star by delivering innovative marketing concepts and strategies. She is also responsible for image and brand building, media planning, training, growing & managing associates and customer relationships. Saumya possesses strong skills in Marketing Communications, Strategic Planning and Development, Brand Building, Corporate HR. An MBA with dual Specialization in Marketing & International trade from SIMS & PGDPM (Gold Medal), she has mentored students from IIGJ (Indian Institute of Gems & Jewellery) for Career Guidance, an honour in itself in the Gems & Jewellery Industry.   Business Mantra   " To create continuous value in each component of human assets there by raising their contributions to business "
Ashish Shah

Bhavesh Shah

Financial Consultant   Key Skills  
Chartered Accountant, with 27 years’ experience in diamond and jewelley industry trade. Expertise communication skills, with Financial institutions, Auditing firms, Govt Organizations etc.. To analysis scenarios and draw suitable conclusions to it To provide right solution to problems in short period. Good leadership quality, creating win-win situation and taking the group together ahead. Ability to take best decision in stressful situations. Designing and analyzing the reports in best way to make the decision making process simpler. Management experience with proven ability to manage teams and management work. Secretary of Seepz Gems & Jewellery Manufacturing Association for more than 10 years. Committee member of SEZ and EOU council of India   Business Mantra   "WORK IS WORSHIP"

Yuriko Menon

CEO - Gold Star Elite Jewels Pvt. Ltd.   Key Skills  
Ms. Yuriko Menon heads the Goldstar Group’s domestic platform & a section of International Divisions under the name of Goldstar Elite Jewels. She has extensive experience in foreseeing market trends & in business development, making her a vital pillar of Goldstar Group.

Under her leadership, the company has grown profoundly – both externally, in the economic market, and internally, with an innovative and motivated company culture.
  Business Mantra   "Empower people to achieve team success"
Srinivas Gopisetty

Srinivas Gopisetty

Research and Development   Key Skills  
Srinivas plays a key role in Research and Development at Gold Star, enabling the company to be amongst the industry leaders in innovations. He holds expertise in Casting (Lost-Wax, Continous Wax), Rhodium, Plating & other enhancement processes, Refinery, Recovery, Fire Assaying, and Special melting processes & Alloy management. In addition he also looks after Machinery, Critical spares-consumables & Equipment, Maintenance, Purchase & Inventory, Process loss & Recovery management and Automation / Semi-automation.   Business Mantra   " Go–Green–Gold & be environmentally responsible "
Siddharth Sipani

Siddharth Sipani

CFO   Key Skills  
As the Chief Finance Officer, Siddharth is the brains behind Gold Star Group’s financial strategy and operations and provides insights on financial policies and practices focused on enhancing business efficiency. Siddharth brings over 16 years of experience in Finance & Accounts, Global Fund Raising, Due Diligence, Compliance and Auditing, spanning across various industry sectors. Prior to joining GoldStar, Siddharth served in key management positons for Logistics Company and with Global M&A Consultancy Firm. He is a Rank Holder in Chartered Accountancy (CA) and Company Secretaryship (CS) Courses.   Business Mantra   "The greatest results in life are usually attained by common sense and perseverance." – O Feltham

Michael Lerche

President and COO of Goldstar Jewellery,
LLC - US Division of Goldstar Global
  Key Skills  
Michael Lerche brings 40 Years experience in the diamond and jewellery industry to the table, covering merchandising and sales and infrastructure. As a top management professional, he is responsible for leading both sales and managerial staff. Michael is also the Vice President of the Plumb Club - A leading supply side organization bringing the best jewellers to the best retailers.   Business Mantra   " My motto has always been service, service, and service. We pride ourselves on the simple notion that nothing matters more than the satisfaction of our customers. "
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